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Arangan Technology Services is the software solutions providing company which is founded on the principles of building relationships, linear support and business solutions for the industries. ATS is a professional software solution providing firm which is dedicatedly managed for improving our client’s business process.

We provide a total solution for the clients based on the requirements with our engineering technology experts to each and every project. We provide complementary capabilities in project management and software quality management.

We endeavour commitments for our client’s success in driving their business. The following are the major commitments undertaken by our firm:


Software Solutions

ERP software development

Customer relationship management(CRM)

Dot Net custom development

Software / Web Services

Web and User Interface design

Web Development

Web Support and maintenance

Software Professional Services

At Arangan Technology Services, we have professional team which manufactures a full pledged software for the clients according to their requirements which will be done based on their requirements, defined terms of service level agreement contracted with our customers. This service provides a direct line to our team through a dedicated project manager who organizes our team for the qualified software based on client’s needs. We pride ourselves to our ability to bring value to our client’s business through this professional service.

Software Customer /Client support

As compared with many other organisations, we strive a lot in providing support for the client’s and their satisfaction. In ATS we have a dedicated client support team for providing full support for the client’s and their requirements. This team will be led by our client support manager who will be working on a separate project with his team for providing a continuous support based on the defined terms and service committed with our client’s. From this service there will be a continuous support for our client’s through which the business process will be monitored continuously.

Software Culture

As with many organisations, we strive for a culture that promotes proper business solutions and customer service. What sets ATS apart from our competition is our culture of proper management, accountability and a team of enthusiastic designers and software engineers who has their own responsibilities in serving our clients and continuing to develop their skills in many technological aspects. Our culture focusses on bringing business value to our clients with the captive technology and being mindful of our clients business and budget constraints.

Software Leadership

Professionals of Arangan Technology Services have a broad background in business development, management, finance, Information Technology and related operations who are led by our enthusiastic Leader with lots of expertise skills. Each team member has a specific area’s of expertise and diversified skills that results in growing the firm. The team combines training and knowledge gained at larger firms with work experience at a variety of technical consulting firms.