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09 December,2013

Up Coming Features

Just providing the software will not be a proper solution for industries. For that we are integrating some advanced features into the software depending on the industries. The following are the upcoming features which is to be integrated in our software.

Bluetooth Printer



The above shown is the Bluetooth printer through which the DC, Acknowledgements, etc.., can be printed from the Android mobile itself.


  • One Time Cost
  • Less Maintenance.
  • Wireless Printing.
  • No need of any ink-cartridges.
  • Customizable contents for printing.
  • Can be connected with any android mobiles through Bluetooth/Mini-USB.
  • can be connected even with PC's through USB for compatible printing.


 Temperature Monitoring System


The above shown is the Temperature Monitoring System through which you can monitor the temperature in the Machines, Rooms, Locations, etc.., which can be integrated with the software and the data's can be sent to the server automatically according to industrial requirements.


  • One time Device Cost.
  • Less Maintenance
  • Can Monitor the Temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Send the data's instantly to the server
  • Can be integrated with our Software for instant access of your data.
  • Alerts for exceeded temperatures.
  • Can be fitted in any temperature related machines, room temperature monitoring, etc..,



The above given pictures can be different from the original due to technical requirements based on industries

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