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Poultry Farm ERP & Management

Arangan Technology Services provides easy to use software solutions for Poultry Farm management. The powerful ATS Poultry Farm ERP suite makes every day activities easier and more profitable – while allowing you to maintain higher quality, staff performance, cost control, and traceability levels.

The primary focus of the system is to improve:

  • Business & activity control
  • Traceability
  • Business profit enhancement
  • Cost management and control
  • Budget management
  • Staff accountability and management practices
  • Reduce animal losses during production

Your business will benefit a lot! 

  • Reduced waste of poultry live stock due to better analysis and monitoring during production phases
  • Increase management response time to any potential problems in the farming/production phases
  • Improved management of production activity monitoring and budgeting
  • Be alerted to deviations in budgets immediately
  • Better planning of resources used in the production process results in higher cash flow utilisation and profit enhancement
  • Automatic traceability systems reduce paperwork and staff time spent documenting chemical and spray application activities 
  • Inventory management reduces shrinkage and allows easy stock-taking; improving cash flow utilisation by maximising usage of on hand resources
  • Compliance audits of HACCP, EurepGAP, GlobalGAP, ISO and other standards become easier and quicker aided by ProducePak Poultry ERP’s records management
  • For large businesses, central production management can easily monitor multiple farm sites from once central location; saving time, and improving management response to any issues in the production process
  • Instant reporting on labour costs, growth per square, feed Vs growth, mortality Vs growth, Temp Vs Feed….

Major Features

  • Comprehensive production task management for all production activities including initial stock purchases, feeding, heating, veterinarian services, and virtually any other activity in the production phase.
  • Monitoring your farms daily activities anywhere, anytime through our exclusive android app which server you a lot.
  • Making farm entries in Android Devices through which you can monitor the supervisor’s activity and even trace the directions he travelled for effective usages.
  • Rapidly prepare production budgets prior to the start of each batch, to improve materials, labour, and cash flow planning.
  • Monitor your daily farm activities on a daily basis and take corrective actions.
  • Comprehensive activity monitoring systems to identify mistakes and deviations during the production process.
  • Allowing management to make corrective actions before incorrect practices or tasks effect the poultry’s quality/yield/profit.
  • Automatic traceability of materials used in production.
  • Instant recall available on all inputs (eg: feed, medical etc) used during production farming.
  • Comprehensive inventory management to improve resource utilisation and reduce waste includes traceability for inventory batches and integrates automatically with recall and traceability systems.
  • Activities can be followed at all times in multiple sites or Poultry Houses.
  • Integrate with Finance Packages.