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Manufacturing ERP

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NewGen ERP also supports multiple warehouses, making it capable of handling more complex business models than many other inventory management solutions.


NewGen ERP syncs and increases accuracy in your accounting, inventory and data entry records.


Currency conversion for tax and accounting purposes. Create sales orders and invoices in any currency.


Transfer goods between locations and run reports to identify trends on a per-location basis.


Enjoy real-time, detailed visibility into key inventory control and supply chain management measures, including inventory trends, stock on order and supplier on-time performance.


Handles all your sales and purchase activities manage invoices and bills, and track payments. NewGen ERP also helps you monitor packages & Shipments to Keep deliveries on time.


You can control your stock in different warehouses or godowns centrally from NewGen Inventory. Track item movements, transfer items with in warehouses, generate warehouse specific reports.


Our data-grids are powerful reporting engines. Filter, Group Sort & render charts in few seconds.


High-level confidentiality through controlled access to your employee at the location level, reports level and many more.


Optimize Min, Max, Safety Stock, Order Qty. Reduce Excess Stock, Minimize Buyer Transactions, Maximize Return on Assets

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Manufacturing ERP (FAQs)

Can I Identify the Exact Spot of Employee?

Yes, you can identify the exact of Each Employee.

Will I be able to fully Control my RM Movement?
RM Movements are highly integrated & well controlled.
Can I evaluate the Order Cost with My Budget?

You can evaluate the RM Cost, Employee Cost with your Budget Quoted.

Can I Migrate my existing data in to New Software?
Yes. We help you migrate your data from previous systems to new ones. Services, however, are paid.
How Can I monitor the Business Instantly?
Business App will be provided using that you can Monitor your Business anywhere any time.
Will I get 24/7 Technical Support?
Our Technical team will help 24/7 to reply to any of your software related queries.