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About Us


The founder of ATS is Mr.N. KrishnaKumar with 25+Years of Experience in Information Technology.  ATS was formed by a team of enthusiastic young computer Professionals with a proven track record in their respective technical space. The main objective of ATS is to provide TOTAL QUALITY SERVICES to its customers in the area of Information Technology with a global approach.  ATS is the Software Company delivered Web-based Online ERP Business Software with Android Mobile Application. Also, we handle the web services for the Corporate Portal.  


ATS provides integrated, value-added products and services to help clients be market leaders. The company also delivers technology-based solutions and focuses on protecting the long-term technology investments of clients by ensuring quality, reliability and value. ATS further protects its client’s investments by understanding, anticipating and preparing for future industry needs and strategies and offering best-of-breed solutions.


Efficient development process

During the years of presence in the offshore software development business, we have achieved outstanding efficiency in organizing the development process (experienced project management, automated control over the development process, and reporting system). Due to that, we are efficient in obtaining the results within the most optimal timeframe.

Local Insights - Global Solutions

ATS is a Software Development company with intimate knowledge and local insight on multiple business challenges. Through our global off-shore delivery center based in Hosur- India, We are able to bring global solutions to problems and share best practices with our customers.

A passion for problem solving

At ATS, We relish the opportunity to tackle complex projects in challenging environments. Our team of highly skilled and experienced engineers and business domain specialists are able to offer innovative solutions to various key vertical industries with a particular focus on Poultry, financial services, retail, logistics, Industrial Services, and the public sector.