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Increase Profitability & Health

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Our technical expert team will help you to migrate your data from your current to NewGen ERP, you don’t have to worry about any of the migration issues.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can the data be punched in remote areas?

Yes, you can punch it works on both Offline & Online on Mobile apps.

Will I be able to use my Software at any Location?

Software is location independent; you can watch your business anywhere any time.

How Secure the Authentication of my Software?

Software is authenticated using System MAC & Mobile IMEI’s. 

Can I Migrate my existing data in to New Software?

Yes. We help you migrate your data from previous systems to new ones. Services, however, are paid.

Will I get 24/7 Technical Support?
Our Technical team will help 24/7 to reply to any of your software related queries.
About ATS?

Upgrade your business with software then you have arrived at the perfect place. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with exuberant 24/7 Services & Support to satisfy all your needs through our technical support experts. ATS is Specialized in various domain services in India & has more solutions under our belt. You can create your own unique Identity with our software service where we provide extremely affordable packages. 99.5 % Uptime Guarantee so that your business doesn’t suffer. Register with us and choose your preferred plan under huge collections available.
We Satisfy all our customer needs at a highly affordable price. As a business owner we acutely aware of the security of your software data and utmost importance & probably case for constant worry. There are various measures taken in order to ensure security such as MAC Authenticated, IMEI Authenticated, and So on. Our Applications are operated in Colocation Servers thus the availability of uptime is 99.5%.